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KEIM Adhesive and renovation renders


KEIM ADHESIVE AND RENOVATION RENDERS –TRIED AND TESTED ON EVERY SUBSTRATE DAMAGED RENDER, DIFFICULT SUBSTRATES ETC. It is especially in renovation that we are not infrequently faced with substrate problems which cannot be solved or are not best solved with coatings alone. First of all, there are numerous different shortcomings or even damages to the render. The most common types of damage include cracks, loss of pointing between masonry and flaking of the render. However, many other „difficult substrates” are frequently encountered in practice. Uneven rendered surfaces, differences in texture due to partial repairs to the render, excessively coarse or excessively fine surface textures, chemically stripped surfaces, mixed substrates of all kinds, unattractive concrete surfaces or fair-faced masonry, uneven transitions to adjacent surfaces – the list goes on and on. THREE, TRUE ALL-ROUNDERS … KEIM Universalputz, KEIM Universalputz-Fine and KEIM Turado provide for all of these problems sophisticated, durable and economic renovation solutions. A refinish of sound existing substrates with one of these multi-purpose render products – if necessary with embedded mesh – provides a perfect surface and ideal base for subsequent coatings. Plus, this is much easier and more efficient than laborious partial repairs or costly replacement of the entire render structure. The result is a perfect substrate for subsequent coatings, even with pure silicate paints such as KEIM Purkristalat. OPTIMAL FEATURES – Mineral – Fibre-reinforced – High stability and excellent adhesion – Efficient application by machine processibility – Minimum crack risk due to low elastic modulus and shrinkage – Can be processed in one layer – Can be applied to very absorbent substrates even without priming – Short set-up time and thus fast finishing – Various design possibilities (felt-floating, fine felting, rubbing, sponge-washing) Cracked, old facade Refinished facade Cover picture: Facade renovation with KEIM products. Painting business Hachtel

k e i m adhesive and reno va t i o n renders – mul t i-purpose all-rounders! 3 MULTI-PURPOSE APPLICATION With KEIM Universalputz, KEIM Universalputz-Fine and KEIM Turado you are well equipped for almost any substrate problem. After careful cleaning and maybe possible preparatory works, a thin-layer renovation render can be normally without priming efficiently applied to most any sound substrates – whether indoors or outdoors, when refurbishing old buildings, in the field of monument preservation or new construction, onto mineral, organic or mixed substrates. In case of algae infestation a pretreatment with KEIM Algicid-Plus should be performed. EASY AND SAFE APPLICATION – To equalise uneven existing render surfaces – Weathering- and UV-resistant – Suitable for sound dispersion coatings and dispersion renders – For all kinds of masonry and concrete – For cracked existing render surfaces with alkali-resistant mesh embedded – For subsequent coating with a thin-layer finish render or a tinted paint finish – For exterior and interior use Substrates KEIM UNIVERSALPUTZ KEIM UNIVERSALPUTZ-FINE KEIM TURADO Perfectly suited for strong, solid substrates such as concrete or existing renders. Also suitable for plinth areas such as cement renders or lime cement renders from the 1980s Optimal for new render surfaces or existing substrates with low strength when a refinish with stronger renders of class CS III is not possible. Strength CS III (3,5–7,5 N/mm 2 ) CS III (3,5–7,5 N/mm 2 ) CS II (1,5–5,0 N/mm 2 ) Degree of whiteness + + +++ Fibre additive + + +++ Largest grain 1,3 mm 0,6 mm 1,0 mm Max. thickness per layer 10 mm 8 mm 12 mm Stone type Limestone Limestone Quartz Surface texture APPLICATION 1. Render application by hand 1.Machine application 2. Positioning of glass fibre mesh 3. Smoothing 4. Rubbing with a coarse sponge float 5. Felting with a fine sponge float