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KEIM Concretal

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k e i m concret a l ®

k e i m concret a l ® – the bea u t y of concrete! 25 KEIM CONCRETAL ® CONCRETE REPAIR TWO SYSTEMS Two tried and tested systems are available for the repair of defective places. All products are slightly modified, cement bound building materials (PCC) that are mixed with water only. CONCRETE REPAIR ACCORDING TO HIGHEST STANDARDS Tested according to all cases of application of the ZTV-ING* and with a general building authority test certificate this system can be used for the industrial as well as for the building construction. The system comprises the following components: – KEIM Concretal-MKH (corrosion protection and bonding bridge) – KEIM Concretal-Mörtel-R (concrete replacement mortar) – KEIM Concretal-Feinspachtel (fine filler for levelling) ZTV-ING* TESTED SYSTEM STRUCTURE COMPLETE REPAIR WITH JUST ONE MATERIAL Simple, fast and safe concrete repair in definite terms: Performance with one product only! The material serves as corrosion protection because of its very good adhesion property and makes a bonding bridge unnecessary. The high content of fine particles provides a stucco-like smoothing of the surface. Classic application fields include structural engineering but also constructions made from lightweight concrete. KEIM Concretal-Universalmörtel-S. One for all. (Concretal-Universal Mortar-S) DIN 1504-3 TESTED SYSTEM STRUCTURE * Additional technical terms of contract and guidelines for civil engineering works