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KEIM Concrete design

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C O N C R E T E DESIGN – WITH KEIM CONCRET A L-L A S U R AND KEIM CONCRET A L-BL A C K 3 KEIM CONCRETAL ® -LASUR REFINES CONCRETE Refinement of fair-faced concrete in three steps: 1. Gentle cleaning without abrading the material. 2. Full-cover stain coating to match the colours. 3. Partial touch-ups and colour matching to correspond with the surrounding colour shade. (Concrete cosmetics by OptiBeton, © OptiBeton) PRESERVING THE CHARACTER OF CONCRETE Honest, raw, material pure: Fair-faced concrete, once considered as ordinary and unspectacular, is today an accepted building material and even more than that. Concrete is trendy! Concrete is cool! This idea that concrete has to be always grey is no longer true. Today concrete can wear almost any colour, a bright blue, red or yellow, it can even shimmer in silver and gold. Concrete is the supporting and shaping element and determines the architectural attraction of a structure. Directly following the formwork removal or after decades of weathering - decisive is the surface treatment because it defines the character. TRANSPARENCE FOR CONCRETE Here KEIM Concretal-Lasur comes into play, a semitransparent concrete stain coating. Strictly speaking, staining of concrete building elements is a colour modulation to cover the ,natural shade’ with a new tone. Visual shortcomings can be equalised or a colourful design performed. A special feature is that the concrete keeps its visual character and even enhances the expression. CONVINCING BENEFITS – Retention of the original concrete aesthetics – Perfect levelling of unevenly appearing fair-faced concrete surfaces – Strengthening action thanks to siliceous silicification – High weathering protection – Very fast redrying thanks to extremely low sd (H 2 O)-value – Mineral matt surface – Absolutely light-resistant by purely, mineral pigments – Any concrete colour shade can be formulated – Minimal soiling due to the anti-static, non-thermoplastic binding agent – Preserves the texture In brief: KEIM Concretal ® -Lasur is mineral matt protection and pure concrete aesthetics!