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c r e a t i v e design

c r e a t i v e design – products and design techniques 11 OLD TECHNIQUES BACK IN TREND: DECORATIVE GRISAILLE AND MONOCHROME PAINTING A B TIMELESS AND BEAUTIFUL: DECORATIVE PAINTING TECHNIQUES Traditional Grisaille and monochrome paintings, as decorative painting technique that follows the purpose of imitating decorative structures and sculptural ornaments, is mainly suitable for ornamental decoration and also for tasks in the field of general architectural painting. The applied technique orientates itself on one colour of which then four to five gradations are produced. The medium tone, the so-called “local tone”, is at the same time also the basic tone. While previously mostly earth pigments, such as ochre, green earth and reddish pigments were used, find now also modern colours their position within this very traditional technique. The design options are highly diverse ranging from ornamental exterior and interior decoration to elaborate architectural painting and generously designed sacred areas. DESIGN: GRISAILLE AND MONOCHROME PAINTING PRODUCT EXAMPLE: KEIM DECOR PAINTS 1. Two coats of pure silicate coating with KEIM Purkristalat are applied onto a mineral plaster (minimum thickness 5 mm). Afterwards a base tone (“local tone”) of the paint is selected and mixed accordingly by using KEIM Decor colour pigment powder and KEIM Fixativ. 2. Out of this base tone lighter and darker colours are mixed with white and black KEIM Decor colour pigment powders. The motive is created by starting with the lightest colour (Image A). 3. Light and shadow are now painted step-by-step until the desired effect is achieved (Image B).