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Efficient insulation of course ... KEIM AquaROYAL-System-MW The best for your house • Mineral wool as insulating material • Mineral mortar, rendering and paint • Greater thermal insulation • No toxic biocides • Innovative – hydroactive • Incombustible • Stable due to thick layers • Particularly durable • No colour fading AquaROYAL: Efficiency and responsibility Thermally insulated facades are increasingly affected by algae and fungus infestations because they are colder on the surface and therefore superficially damp for a long time (autumn/winter/spring). For this reason, most rendering and paints have been replaced to date with insulation containing toxic biocides. We are convinced, however, that this is not the right way as biocides are water-soluble. They are washed away by the rain, thus polluting the environment and currently only have a limited effect in terms of time. They do not by any means function as “cure-alls” against algae and fungus. We take a different approach. We prevent surface water through active moisture management in the layer structure (hydroactivity). The AquaROYAL-MW system consists entirely of non-combustible building materials, has excellent insulating values and dispenses with biocides. Brickwork Adhesive mortar Insulation panel Reinforcement mortar Mesh Reinforcement mortar Topcoat render and paint 10 Specifically, prevention rather than cure, the prevention of moisture rather than the use of toxic substances.

Ecological insulation of course ... KEIM XPor-System The best for your house • “Aerated concrete” as insulating material • Solid mineral through and through • Fully recyclable • Incombustible • Recommended as safe for the environment • Particularly durable • No colour fading XPor: Ecology and safety The centrepiece of the XPor thermal insulation composite system is the mineral insulation panel: a robust insulating material with unrivalled ecological properties. The insulation panel is a purely mineral product made of sand, lime and cement: “The material from which the insulation comes” is manufactured in manner that saves on resources and energy. It is moisture permeable, non-combustible and fully recyclable - an ecological alternative! The mineral insulation panel carries the designation of “sustainable building product” and is guaranteed to be environmentally compatible and safe. There are also no problems in terms of its disposal on removal since the insulation panel can be disposed of along with the supporting building material. Naturally, all the other system components right down to the paint are mineral through and through, highly durable and colourfast. 11