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KEIM ETICS - The best for your house

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Optimal insulation of

Optimal insulation of course ... KEIM AquaROYAL-XPor-System The best for your house • Aerated concrete as insulation material • Through and through solid mineral • Woodpecker-safe • Incombustible • No toxic biocides • Unequalled long-lasting • Sustainable • Recyclable • High heat-retaining capacity • No colour fading AquaROYAL + XPor: Essence of the best Saving is not enough anymore. Knowledge and experience prevail more and more so that the ecological load of a common ETICS is not compensated by the nominal advantage of saved heating costs. Who still wants washed out biocides in their garden, an unsolved later disposal, damages caused by woodpeckers, fast-fading colours, a poor appearance and petroleum products around the own four walls? KEIM AquaROYAL-Xpor promotes consequently the holistic needs of modern living: • A certified, environmentally sound insulation panel consisting of sand, lime and cement with best ecological features and good insulation values gives you the right feeling of having made an up-to-date and future-oriented decision. • An overall system with high heat retention capacity which obviously lowers the negative effects like they are known from extreme differences in temperature in common wall structures. • A solid, mineral and valuable system with excellent sound protection properties that protects against pecking by birds. • A render system which acts more sustainable and above all more efficient in the long term against algae and fungi growth than any other known alternative – and this solely via principles of structural physics. • A coating that will show even years later the same colour shade you chose. • A render surface that is so easy to refinish, if necessary, like hardly any other. When people are building they normally think also about their children‘s future. KEIM AquaROYAL-Xpor is made for the future of our children! 12

Individual design of course ... KEIM‘s mineral paints The best for your house Strong colours and unequalled long-lasting How long did it take you to finally decide on the new colour shade for your facade? Windows, roof tiles, landscape – why shouldn‘t everything go together? Don‘t you wish that everything should stay exactly this way for as long as possible? Trust the unequalled longevity and colour stability of our KEIM‘s mineral paints. There are facades that were coated with KEIM mineral paints well over a hundred years ago and still stand today in their original coatings shaping the historic appearance of their city. To make your facade look good for years the way you conceived it – is maybe the best you can do for your house. By using purely natural pigments and the unique adhesion principle of mineral silicification every coating with KEIM‘s mineral paints is highly durable and definitely longer lasting than any other coating with common organic paints, because those only adhere to the substrate by forming a superficial film. 13