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KEIM Granital

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k e i m granit a l ®

k e i m granit a l ® – the original. 5 KEIM GRANITAL ® – TOP-NOTCH QUALITY FOR MINERAL SUBSTRATES TOP CLASS SILICATE EMULSION PAINT Very long service life, ideal values from the standpoint of building physics, absolutely light-resistant, UV-stable, economical, environmentally sound and easy application. Over 140 years of expertise and knowhow in research and development of mineral products for building protection are put into KEIM Granital. Basis is the mineral principle of the so-called "silicification". Silicate paints don't form a film on the surface when applied, but they form an insoluble bond with the substrate by a chemical reaction. Countless historic buildings testify impressively the unequalled longevity and vibrancy even after decades. Facades coated with KEIM Granital age gracefully! RESPONSIBILITY FOR HUMAN AND NATURE Sensational durability of the coating extends the renovation interval cycles. This does not only save material, energy and costs – it also has a lower impact on the environment. PERFECT FORMULATION KEIM Granital combines economy with environmental soundness and aesthetics: High-quality raw materials like liquid potassium silicate as binding agent, mineral fillers and absolutely light-resistant, inorganic colour pigments guarantee unequalled durability and colour brilliance. Minimal water absorption and high water vapour permeability provide a low soiling tendency, natural protection against algal and fungal infestation, plus, a lifespan that is about twice as long than common, non-mineral coatings. The mineral principle assures top-class quality for a lifetime.