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KEIM Innopro

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DISCOVER THE NEW COMFORT FOR INTERIOR ROOMS The German Energy-Saving Ordinance (EnEV) makes high demands when it comes to the air-tightness of the building envelope. Cracks and joints used to let harmful substances out and fresh air in. This uncontrolled exchange of air no longer happens in energy-saving buildings that are built or refurbished to be air-tight. As a result, harmful substances from all different sources can accumulate inside the building. In view of the fact that we spend up to 90% of our time in closed rooms, the room climate plays an essential role in our health and in our well-being. KEIM Innopro is an interior paint for healthy living without added preservatives and with optimum attributes in terms of construction physics. It has no disagreeable paint smell or harmful vapours that could affect the occupants, which means that renovated rooms can be used again quickly. Furthermore, the carefully selected warm comfort white generates a harmonious mood in the room as the ideal prerequisite for a healthy room climate and living comfort. Recommended by: 1l : 7 m² Convenient application: very good flow, perfect for painting corners and edges. Warm comfort white or mineral-matt colour shades!

K E I M INNOPRO ® – LIVING COMFORT FOR ALL INTERIOR ROOMS 3 KEIM INNOPRO ® Whether kitchen, bathroom or living room, whether wall or ceiling, first coat or renovation: KEIM Innopro brings real comfort! KEIM‘s new painter quality in wet abrasion class 2 stands out by being extremely easy to apply, producing homogeneous coating results. KEIM Innopro can be used on all customary interior surfaces. – Excellent coverage: class 1 – Very good cleanability, also for damaged surfaces – Optimum attributes in terms of construction physics – Comfort shade of white for a harmonious mood in the room – Without added preservatives – Mineral-matt surface – Non-flammable KEIM INNOPRO OVERCOMES EVERY CHALLENGE The surfaces of walls and ceilings can be subject to adverse conditions depending on specific use. The high level of damp in wet rooms is just one of many examples. KEIM Innopro provides long-term protection for beautiful surfaces. KEIM Innopro contains no added preservatives, has almost no odour, is vapour permeable and naturally resistant to mould. Woodchip wallpaper when not painted Ideal for woodchip wallpaper: painted with KEIM Innopro