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KEIM Innostar


K E I M INNOST A R ® – PREMIUM QU A L I T Y FOR THE P A I N T I N G TRADE 5 KEIM INNOSTAR ® – ULTRA PERFECT APPLICATION PROPERTIES ULTRA FAST Thanks to the ideal consistency KEIM Innostar can be applied fast and efficiently. ULTRA STRONG KEIM Innostar is incredibly hard-wearing. (Wet abrasion class 1) ULTRA CLEAN Surfaces coated with KEIM Innostar are very easy to clean. Abrasion marks, for example, can be simply removed with a damp cleaning cloth without causing shiny spots and the surface still remains pleasantly matt! ULTRA WHITE With a maximised titanium dioxide content KEIM Innostar guarantees an excellent, elegant degree of whiteness and an exciting matt surface appearance. 1 l : 8 sq.m. ULTRA RESISTANT KEIM Innostar also withstands the influence of disinfectants. The TÜV Süd has confirmed the resistance against disinfectants. ULTRA SAFE KEIM Innostar is safe for application under difficult light conditions. Moreover, minimised spraying and a long open-time guarantee a perfect result. KEIM Innostar is best for all common substrates such as render, gypsum plasterboard and over sound existing coatings combined with maximum safety thanks to its multi-purpose characteristics. A true all-rounder for painters‘ multi-purpose daily challenges! IN A NUTSHELL: Maximum hiding power, enormous efficiency and best application properties save time and material – which means: Maximum success for the painter! ULTRA ECONOMICAL KEIM Innostar saves time and money! Its outstanding covering power in combination with high yield assure terrific results with mostly only one single paint coat. KEIM Innostar is the champion in its class providing a mineral coating to interior walls with a consumption rate of just one litre for eight square metres. Easy to clean with damp cleaning wipes.