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KEIM Lignosil-Verano colour shades

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KEIM Lignosil ® -Verano FOR conTROLLED GREYING Grey wooden facades have a particular charm. But it may take decades until the wood shows an evenly grey patina like a mountain hut in the Alps. Untreated wooden facades change their colour and texture under environmental influences. It is difficult to predict such changes because many factors influence the different facade surfaces of the building exposed to the weather in various ways. Wood type, direction, location, rainfall, air purity and the constructional prerequisites decide on the colour development. KEIM Lignosil-Verano, a silicate based finish, produces a naturally beautiful, silver-grey patinated wood appearance from the first application.

K E I M LIGNOSIL ® - V E R A N O – NA T U R A L LY BEA U T I F U L W O O D E N F A C A D E S 3 CLASSIC COLOUR SHADES Colour No. 4470 Colour No. 4735 Colour No. 4832 Colour No. 4861 Colour No. 4863 Colour No. 4870 Colour No. 4875 Colour No. 4880 Colour No. 4890 Colour No. 4895 METALLIC COLOUR SHADES Colour No. 4259-M Colour No. 4470-M Colour No. 4832-M Colour No. 4890-M Colour samples show KEIM Lignosil-Verano on rough sawn spruce wood. Colour shades may differ from the original in terms of printing.