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KEIM Lignosil

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k e i m lignosil ® –

k e i m lignosil ® – mineral p a i n t for w o o d 11 KEIM Lignosil ® -HRP FOR CRACKS AND JOINTS FILL AND COMPLEMENT KEIM Lignosil provides a vital and sustainable contribution to the durable function of the building. A perfect match for this is KEIM Lignosil-HRP, a twocomponent paste to fill cracks and deeper cut-out areas in not dimensionally stable and limited dimensionally stable wood components predominantly in the outdoor area. INTERVIEW WITH A PROFESSIONAL: JÖRG HINKELMANN, MASTER PAINTER AND RESTORER RENOVATE With KEIM Lignosil-HRP cracks and deeper cut-out areas in boards, bars and claddings, e.g. during the renovation of half-timbered houses, can be filled with little effort to create a surface with a uniform structure. KEIM Lignosil-HRP consists of a powder and a liquid component and is free from synthetic additives. STRENGHTS KEIM Lignosil-HRP convinces with clear benefits: - Wood-like characteristics - Good flank adhesion - Mechanically workable - Fast drying - Two-component system - Long open time - Permeable Not suitable for structural wood supplements. Mr. Hinkelmann, KEIM is better known for mineral substrates and not for wood. Why do you trust in KEIM Lignosil-HRP? I was personally involved in the development of KEIM Lignosil-HRP and can for a good reason say that there are products out that promise the same characteristics but none of those work like KEIM Lignosil-HRP. What is the specific feature of KEIM Lignosil-HRP? KEIM Lignosil-HRP is open to diffusion, dries very fast, the adhesion is excellent and the handling very easy and, because the material is processible for a long time. But what‘s really ideal for me as restorer is the fact that I can prepare exactly the quantity I need. “Cracking in historical wood constructions is inevitable. With KEIM Lignosil-HRP we have developed the solution for your restructuring.“