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KEIM Marano-Filler

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KEIM Marano ® -Pro UNIVERSAL HAND APPLICATION FILLER – Fast drying – Very high degree of whiteness – Fine surface texture – Full and partial surface application KEIM Marano ® -Roll LIGHT FILLER FOR ROLLER APPLICATION – Very filling – Light formulation – Up to 30% time saving when roller-applied than compared to a trowel application by hand KEIM Marano ® -Light ULTRALIGHT FILLER FOR AIRLESS APPLICATION – Effort-saving application thanks to ultralight formulation – Efficient working due to excellent properties for airless application – Reduced sanding dust COMPARISON: FLYING DUST FROM SANDING ACCUMULATED ON THE FLOOR. Common manual filler Fine sanding dust is spread throughout the room. KEIM Marano-Light Sanding dust forms coarse accumulations that fall faster to the floor. Product Consumption per m 2 und mm Light formula Max. layer thickness Org. content Degree of whiteness Surface fineness Sandability with sandpaper 120 grit Filling properties Recommended airless nozzle Drying time at 23°C / 50% air humidity** KEIM Marano-Pro 1.75 kg – 4 mm

k e i m marano ® - f i l l e r – ever y minute counts! 3 KEIM FILLER FOR ALL PURPOSES TIME SAVING A PERFECT RESULT REQUIRES A PERFECT BASE The filler range from KEIM provides the optimal bases for subsequent coating. Gypsum plasterboard, render surfaces or concrete, in new construction or for renovation – with KEIM fillers you achieve top results. 13% Open the bucket and start right away! KEIM Marano filler products are ready-for-use which means that mixing of powder material and water at the construction site is unnecessary. Actually 8 minutes (13%) of valuable work time is saved when working one hour applying the filler. KEIM Marano is optimised for every application case and provides highly efficient solutions for every construction site situation thanks to certain product concepts for paint roller and spray paint machine application. CHARACTERISTICS – Ready-for-use – Uncomplicated and reliable application – Easy to apply and to smooth down – Smooth consistency – Very good sanding – Optimised for any application case