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KEIM Mould fungi indoors

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BEST CHOICE: ® KEIM MYCAL -SYSTEM HYDROACTIVE – MINERAL – BIOCIDE-FREE KEIM MYCAL ® -FIX Spore binder Silicate pretreatment agent to bind fungal spores. Spore release is the biggest risk factor while repairing the damage. It is a hazard for processors and users of living space and often the cause of consequential damage due to secondary contamination. Flying fungal spores must be avoided in any case during the renovation of mould-infested areas. – Binds spores on the building material surface. – Application prior to the removal of the mould infested wall building material. – Silicate, alkaline and permeable. Plus, the high pH-value acts antimould. – Can also be used for priming KEIM Mycal-CS-Platten. KEIM MYCAL ® -EX Mould remover Chlorine-free, aqueous oxidising agent for the pretreatment of microbially or residual loaded interior wall surfaces. Careful cleaning of surfaces contaminated with mould is a basic prerequisite for long-term renovation. KEIM Mycal-Ex is an ecologically sound alternative to products containing chlorine or biocides. – Aqueous – Chlorine-free – reacts to water and oxygen – High oxidative effect – Ecologically compatible, because residue-free – Highly permeable – Concentrate KEIM Mycal ® -XO Ready-for-use, aqueous oxidising agent (5% active substance). KEIM MYCAL ® -TOP Mould remediation paint Highly specialised interior silicate paint with different effect approaches against mould infestation. Particularly suited for high-quality, opaque coatings in interior rooms that are prone to mould growth. The enormous diffusion potential and moisture regulating properties provide dry walls. High alkalinity counteracts new infestation. The inorganic structure demonstrably offers mould fungi no nutrient base. – With photocatalytic effect: breaks down organic substances and thus reduces the nutrient base for mould. – No fungicides or solvents added – Wet abrasion class 1 – Suitable for allergy sufferers (according to test certificate) – Officially recommended by the Sentinel Haus Institute. Prüf-Nr. 2460 - 13

k e i m my c a l ® - s y s t e m – effective prevention, sust a i n a b l e remedia t i o n 11 KEIM MYCAL ® -POR Special lime render Mineral, special lime render for interior use. To avoid condensation processes when repairing areas prone to mould and to renovate and remedy moist interior wall surfaces. Excess moisture is absorbed from the room air and the risk of condensation is minimised thanks to particular sorption and moisture regulating properties. – Absorptive, capillary-active and moisture regulating – Grain size 0 – 0.6 mm – High water storage capacity, minimal risk of condensation – Mortar group CS I – Also suitable for gluing and reinforcing all insulation panels of KEIM Room climate systems. KEIM MYCAL ® -CS-PLATTE Calcium silicate panel Mineral, lightweight calcium silicate panel to increase the temperature of the wall surface. It prevents condensed water and mould on the surface and provides a pleasant indoor climate. – Very good absorbing properties – Non-combustible – Panel size: 62.5 x 100 cm – Panel thickness. 25 mm KEIM Mycal ® -CS-Dämmkeile (insulation wedge) To reduce thermal bridges in the ceiling and wall connection area and for the optical alignment of abutting surfaces. KEIM Mycal ® -CS-Laibungsplatte (reveal panel) For window and door reveals. KEIM MYCAL ® -LAVA Climate panel made of Perlite High performance due to moisture regulation and thermal insulation. Mineral, capillary-active, fibre-free, alkaline and non-combustible indoor climate panel made of natural Perlite. With good thermal characteristics, Mycal-Lava panel not only provides an optimal room climate, but also saves a lot of heating energy. A positive side effect when you talk to your customer! – Fibre-free, no organic additives – Natural raw material Perlite – Non-combustible – Individually packed in carton – Panel size: 625 x 416 mm – Panel thickness: 25, 30, 50, 60 and 80 mm – Best thermal conductivity from 0.055 to 0.045 W/mK – Helps to save heating costs