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KEIM Mould fungi indoors

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PREVENTION AND REMEDIATION INFLUENCE MOULD GROWTH The growth of mould fungi is mainly determined by the factors moisture, nutrient supply, temperature and the pH-value of the substrate. Mould fungi are true survivors by nature - they retreat into a dormant stage during dryness and become active again when conditions change. Mould also grows on materials or surfaces that are not visibly wet since surface moisture is sufficient. Optimal growth conditions for almost all indoor-relevant fungal species range between 80 % and 95 % relative surface humidity. This moisture load does not only occur below the dew point due to constructional defects, but oftentimes much earlier. “I can provide my customers with efficient and sustainable mould remediation and safe protection thanks to the KEIM Mycal-System.” Anton Fiener, professional painter in Augsburg MOULD REMEDIATION WITH SYSTEM To remedy mould damages in interior spaces is an interdisciplinary task and should always be carried out in cooperation between the different trades and only by qualified companies. Decisive for further measures is the extent of the risk potential of the affected area. Assessment criteria: – Size of the infested area – Intensity and depth of the infestationty – Type of space use – Probability of spore release during remediation work – Health state of the user The types of mould, the duration of the remediation activities and the planned working procedures are also included in the risk assessment. In the final risk assessment, the risk is divided into three categories from increased to very high risk. The appropriate remediation and protective measures are to be derived from this assessment. RISK AREA MOULD GROWTH Nutrient increase Temperature 60°C 10 50°C 9 40°C 8 30°C 7 20°C 6 10°C 5 0°C 4 40 45 50 55 60 65 70 75 80 85 90 95 Relative humidity in % In this area the mould growth is particularly strong. pH-value

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