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KEIM Optil

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KEIM Optil – The perfect paint! KEIM Optil captivates by the combination of brilliant luminosity and a velvetlike finish which is only possible thanks to Optil’s new „MacroFill-Technology“. Through incidental light, lighting technology and visual angle KEIM Optil paints provide their unique appearance, fascinating colour depth and a velvet matt surface in all lighting conditions. KEIM Optil – high-class quality in sol-silicate technology. Suitable for all conventional substrates and easy to use, KEIM Optil also fulfills all applicator’s requirements perfectly. Optil’s excellent hiding power and impeccable painting results are more convincing arguments in its favour. KEIM Optil - a byword for a healthy indoor climate and active environmental protection, since it is highly permeable and contains no added preservatives or plasticisers. MacroFill-Technology KEIM Optil has been awarded the „natureplus“ quality seal and is also listed in the „DGNB Navigator“, a database of the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB). Surface effect Ball-shaped „macro fillers“ arrange themselves next to each other in a compact and even way during application. Pigments and other filling particles accumulate around the fillers …. Surface texture …. and form so-called „macro-clusters“. macro-cluster KEIM Optil GAAWWH Incidental light is almost completely scattered SEM image Coating surface (KEIM Optil) Effects: •homogenisation of surface texture •incidental light is almost completely scattered Result: •minimises the susceptibility to form streaks. •Very uniform appearance •exceptionally matt (gloss at 85°= 0.2 %) 7