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KEIM Partner for the housing industry

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DURABLY BEAUTIFUL FACADES ADVANTAGES – Unrivalled durability – Economical – Ecologically sound – Highest vapour permeability – Ideal moisture balance – Facades remain clean in the long-term – Colour-constant, lightfast and UV-resistant – Many varied design possibilities „Quality and durability of paint materials is crucial, particularly with regard to the costs for maintaining our buildings.“ Schwyz Town Council House, KEIM original coating from 1891 SAFEGUARDING VALUES A facade coating should last at least 20 years – in terms of both appearance and functionality. That is no great challenge for KEIM paint systems. The ideal combination of liquid potassium silicate as binder, mineral fillers from natural sources and inorganic colour pigments guarantees maximum weather resistance and unsurpassed durability. With KEIM products you get more than 140 years of know-how and experience. For decades, countless buildings all over the world have borne witness to their unique quality. CREATING IDENTITY Paint has many functions. On the one hand it protects the building fabric; on the other hand it is an important design medium that costs relatively little. Particularly where housing construction is concerned, harmonious colour design creates a special identity for the building and the people who live there, enhancing the residential value. Axel Nieburg, Managing Director of Baugenossenschaft Hegau eG (building cooperative) REFERENCE: ENERGETIC RENOVATION OF A MONUMENT IN BRAUNSCHWEIG In a pilot project, a mineral ETIC system by KEIM was to be applied to the gatehouse of the listed complex of buildings extending over several streets in Nordstadt, Braunschweig that date back to the 1930s. The challenge consisted in reproducing the facade design with a special combing technique on the surface of the ETICS. The project was brought to a successful conclusion thanks to comprehensive planning, the right choice of completely mineral materials, highly professional execution and communication between all those involved in the work. Photo on the right: Residential complex in Braunschweig, Nibelungen Wohnbau GmbH

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