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KEIM Partner for the housing industry

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k e i m – p a r t n e r for the housing industr y 7 HEALTHY LIVING SPACE Renovation with added value: meeting points are created by footpaths in front of the facade belonging to an estate in Bremerhaven, where colours are used for guidance. HEALTHY ROOM CLIMATE Interior paints have a considerable influence on the quality of the room air. Conventional dispersion paints contain preservatives, binders, plasticisers, solvents and other chemicals that are consistently detrimental to the room air. Ecological interior paints by KEIM are free of harmful substances, have a high diffusion rating and inhibit the growth of mould and algae. Furthermore, they offer optimum attributes in terms of construction physics, generate a healthy room climate and give you the reassuring feeling that they are safe. ADVANTAGES – High diffusion rating – Zero emissions, contain no solvents or plasticisers – Without added preservatives – Suitable for allergy sufferers – Without active fogging substances – Non-flammable – Mould repellent Photo above and cover: © Bernd Perlbach „I think that respecting a building is associated with respecting the people who live there. The aim is to combine both aspects, with commitment and quality putting added value in the planning process.“ Hans-Joachim Ewert, Senior Architect, Stäwog REFERENCE: NEUELANDSTRASSE, BREMERHAVEN The impressive renovation of an austere 1950s residential complex received the renowned German Construction Award and the Bremen Housing Prize in 2018. Städtische Wohnungsgesellschaft Bremerhaven (Stäwog - Municipal Housing Association) modernised the residential complex to be barrier-free, age-appropriate and energy-efficient. What‘s more, the rearrangement of entrance areas together with the creation of an inner courtyard and passageways has created new scope for residents to interact. That is really sustainable!