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KEIM Purkristalat

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Application Preparation

Application Preparation No preliminary work is necessary for clean, absorbent and sufficiently firm substrates. Lime sinter coatings on new plaster are treated with KEIM Ätzflüssigkeit (lime remover) (1). Contaminants and loose parts must be removed. Film-forming coatings are removed with KEIM Dispersionsentferner (bio stripper). In case of difficult substrates such as stripped down areas, plaster repairs, hairline cracks or structural differences, KEIM Kristall-Felsit or KEIM Kristall- Felsit-fein is used as an additive to the base coat and possibly as an intermediate coat (2). 1 2 3 Painting KEIM Purkristalat paint powder is soaked in KEIM Fixativ (3+4). For the base coat, this paint is diluted further using KEIM Fixativ and applied using a brush, depending on the absorbency of the substrate. For the top coat, the soaked paint is painted or sprayed undiluted. For highly moisture-loaded facades, subsequent hydrophobing with KEIM Lotexan or KEIM Ecotec (5).* is recommended 4 5 KEIM Purkristalat-System KEIM Purkristalat Two-component, pure silicate paint acc. to DIN 18 363 para. 2.4.1, consisting of KEIM Purkristalat-Farbpulver (paint powder) and KEIM Fixativ. KEIM Purkristalat-Farbpulver (paint powder) Paint powder made of purely inorganic, lightfast pigments and selected fillers. KEIM Kristall-Felsit/ KEIM Kristall-Felsit-fein Filling additive for the soaked Purkristalat paint on difficult substrates, using Fixativ as dilution. Only for base or intermediate coatings. KEIM Fixativ Pure liquid potassium silicate without organic additives. Binder and dilution for KEIM Purkristalat. 6 *For details regarding the exact application guidelines, please refer to the technical data sheets.

Right illustration: Stein am Rhein, Switzerland. The colourful facades have marked the townscape of Stein am Rhein since the end of the 19th century. The term “picturesque“ is particularly fitting in this case. Today, the original facade paintings, completed with KEIM silicate coatings in the eighties and nineties of the 19th century still attract thousands of visitors to the picturesque town on the Rhine. Left illustration, opposite side: Hotel Bären, Meersburg 7