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KEIM "The shutter effect"

KEIM’S SILICATE PAINTS – FOR CLEAN FACADES Brilliant white and long-time clean: Facade coating with silicate paints from KEIM. STATIC CHARGE, AVOID SOILING VERSCHMUTZUNG VERMEIDEN VERSCHMUTZUNG VERMEIDEN THERMOPLASTICITY AND DEW Soiling, too, alters the colour and the visual DISPERSIONS ARE MADE appearance of facade coatings. DISPERSIONEN The soiling SIND AUS KUNSTSTOFF UND SYNTHETICS ZIEHEN DEN AND tendency of facade coatings SCHMUTZ is mainly REGELRECHT influenced AN. SCHMUTZ PROPERLY REGELRECHT ATTRACT AN. DIRT by three factors: PARTICLES – Static charge – Thermoplasticity, the so-called “tackiness” of the binder – Dew on the surface Die Farbe lädt sich elektrostatisch auf. Staub wird angezogen. KEIM SILICATE PAINTS DISPERSIONEN SIND AUS KUNSTSTOFF KEIM UND SOLDALIT DO ZIEHEN NOT ® IST DEN PROVIDE MINERALISCH KEIM ANY SOLDALIT UND BIETET ® IST MINERALISCH DEM UN SCHMUTZ CONTACT KEINE ANGRIFFSFLÄCHEN. SURFACE SCHMUTZ FOR KEINE ANGRIFFSFLÄCHEN. DIRT. The paint is charged Die Farbe lädt electrostatically sich and elektrostatisch dust auf. is attracted. Staub wird angezogen. KEIM silicate paints do not charge. KEIM Soldalit ® lädt sich nicht auf. KEIM Soldalit ® lädt sich nicht auf. THE BINDER’S INFLUENCE ON THERMO- PLASTICITY AND STATIC CHARGE Organic synthetic resin or silicone resin binders become statically charged Kunststoff in the wind wird über due to friction Erwärumg weich und and so actually attract dirt klebt particles from the air. klebt Plus, at high temperatures these binders show thermoplastic behaviour which means they become tacky. Dirt particles in the wind and attracted by the static charge find “ideal conditions to stick” Wasserdampf konden- to the surface. Silicate binders siert, die do Fassade not show wird this phenomenon at all. nass. Wasser erzeugt Laufspuren. Synthetics become Kunststoff wird soft über and tacky when Erwärumg weich it is warm. und Water vapour Wasserdampf condenses kondensiert, die Fassade wird on the nass. Wasser wall, erzeugt the facade Laufspuren. becomes wet and water runs down. KEIM silicate paints do not become tacky. KEIM Soldalit ® klebt nicht. KEIM Soldalit ® klebt nicht. KEIM silicate paints prevent the KEIM Soldalit formation ® verhindert of KEIM Soldalit ® verhindert Kondenswasserbildung condensation water. Kondenswasserbildung

T H E "SHUTTER EFFECT" – COL O U R ST A B I L I T Y OF F A C A D E CO A T I N G S 11 HYDROPHOBIC VERSUS HYDROPHILIC Particularly the extreme water repellency (“hydrophobicity”), the so-called “lotus effect” in context with a “clean facade” is a controversially discussed public issue. The degree of water repellency of paints is definitively controlled by adding appropriate additives, such as silicone oils. Paradoxically, however, silicone oils result in greater adhesion of dirt particles. In practice the praised “lotus effect” has not turned out at all to be advantageous. Many facades coated with this extremely “hydrophobic” paint material suffer from severe soiling. Water drops carrying dirt particles roll down the wall, come to a standstill on a render particle and get stuck there. Also in cool weather silicone resin paints are at a disadvantage to silicate paints because, more dew water condenses on silicone resin paints. This applies particularly for paints with lotus effect, entailing that the surfaces are longer moist and dirt particles can easily adhere. By the way, silicone resin paints have a clearly higher risk for algae growth due to the unfavourable dew water behaviour (unless toxic biocides are added that become washed out over time). Facade coatings after 2 years of natural weathering. Silicate paint (left) and silicone paint with lotus effect (right). STUDIES CONFIRM THE ADVANTAGES OF SILICATE PAINTS Study results confirm, what has already been evident for years and decades from coated structures, namely that silicate paints show the best properties in terms of cleanness and soiling resistance. This is primarily due to the above-described features of silicate paints: antistatic, non-thermoplastic, low levels of condensation, favourable wetting characteristics – and largely defined by the silicate binder water glass. STUDIENERGEBNISSE BESTÄTIGEN DIE VORTEILE VON SILIKATFARBEN Mineral coatings age gracefully and keep their character. The phenomenon of microchalking assists additionally by providing controlled, nanometer-scale “sanding” of the coating, caused by weathering, which proceeds uniformly over decades. In this way, any deposits of dirt are constantly removed. In brief: Dispersion binders become tacky due to heat and embed dirt particles. Silicate paints are anti-static, non-thermoplastic and the surface remains dry longer. This keeps the facades longer clean and attractive even after decades.