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KEIM Renovation and Dehumidifying Renders


HIGH SALT PRESSURE AND MOISTURE? SOLUTION: KEIM POROSAN ® HIGH SALT PRESSURE KEIM Porosan renovation system is ideal when there is a high salt pressure. This system provides a powerful combination of pore hydrophobicity and high pore volume and good permeability at the same time to keep the surface beautiful and damage-free for many years. Rising moisture reaches from the masonry into the render. There, the water evaporates. The benefit: Salts do not recrystallise on the surface, but within the plaster structure. No crystallisation pressure can build up thanks to the high pore space. Therefore, the render is not destroyed and the surfaces remain dry and free of efflorescences. OPTIMAL PROPERTIES - High water vapour permeability - Very good drying behaviour - Frost-resistant aggregates - Tension-free hardening - Water-repellent formula - Long service life – even on substrates on which conventional renders fail very quickly KEIM Porosan renovation render systems have been approved by the WTA (= “International association for science and technology of building maintenance and monument preservation”) and meet the requirements of the WTA Technical Information 2-9-04/D. FUNCTION PRINCIPLE RENOVATION RENDER Spalling and salt efflorerescences; high salt pressure With a professionally planned and performed KEIM restoration plaster system as well as accompanying measures for structural and technological moisture protection, problem cases such as moisture and salt contamination can be successfully countered in the long term. Capillary water absorption and evaporation when using a renovation render Liquid water Water vapour Crystallised salts

k e i m reno va t i o n and dehumidifying renders 5 HIGH MOISTURE AND CONDENSATION PROBLEMS? SOLUTION: KEIM SECCOPOR ® IN THE CASE OF HIGH MOISTURE When it comes to preventing condensation in basement rooms or when high levels of moisture in the masonry cannot be eliminated for structural reasons and there is only a low salt load, dehumidifying renders show their full strength. Thanks to a special pore geometry, KEIM Seccopor system regulates the moisture balance through fast capillary moisture transport in conjunction with water vapour diffusion. This reduces the rise of the water and the wall is virtually „sucked dry“. Particularly in the case of masonry damaged by flooding, the use of KEIM Seccopor can be much more efficient than a conventional hydrophobic render structure. Common lime cement render Little pore space OPTIMAL KEY FEATURES - Unique drying behaviour - No damp rise in the masonry - High moisture transport capacity - Natural regulation of room air humidity - Low-tension structure - Significantly shortened construction process thanks to short downtimes between processing steps KEIM Seccopor High pore space THE PORES ARE CRUCIAL 20 18 Micropores Macropores Lime cement render Pore volume [Vol. %] 16 14 12 10 8 6 4 KEIM Seccopor 2 0 0,01 0,1 1 10 100 1000 Pore size [µm] High capillary forces Fast transport of liquid water Structural loosening Maximal diffusion performance Expansion space for salts Natural limit of capillary water absorption