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KEIM Room climate system

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k e i m room clima t e sy s t e m s 3 FOR YOU IT IS A COSY FEELING ... inkje / ... BUT FOR THE CRAFTSMAN IT IS JUST BUILDING PHYSICS! A person who intends to build or renovate according to an up-to-date concept does not only expect functional living spaces in accordance with the actual structural engineering standards but also a cosy home for the entire family. The right basis for a wall would be a render plus coating with good moisture-regulating features. There will be no problem with damp walls if the temperature of the inside of an outer wall remains within a favourable range. You don't have to be afraid of mould even when the windows are light and the ventilation habits very individual. Enjoy the comfort in a healthy ambiance. Your painter knows how to preserve a healthy living climate without moist walls and thus no mould. Have him consult you in detail. What would be important? • Higher inside surface temperature of an outer wall • Breathable inside wall surfaces • Attractive appearance and colour design START WITH THE SURFACE! Proper materials are crucial for a comfortable atmosphere at home without moist walls and mould risk. KEIM has the right solution for any need and wall. Base is always KEIM Mycal-Por, a mineral specialty render providing dry walls. lt regulates the room moisture as required and with the appropriate render thickness and compensates fluctuations. Condensation moisture on the wall will be absorbed and distributed so that there is no living condition for mould cultures. First of all, mould is a problem of the surface. Also the regulation of the room moisture is performed via the wall surface. Panel systems cannot develop their potential without the suitable render and coating. Waier absorption and release would be restricted – and the promised moisture regulation, breathability and capillary activity could not be kept. With the proper render, namely KEIM Mycal-Por starts any good investment into your new feeling-good living. Most diverse design options will convince you on top.