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KEIM Royalan

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® WHY KEIM ROYALAN ? Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Singapore, Architect: Prof. Moshe Safdie LONGEVITY PARTICULARLY UNDER EXTREME CLIMATIC CONDITIONS KEIM Royalan paints are a generic development of KEIM mineral paints, engineered to meet the challenges of extreme climatic conditions. KEIM mineral paints are renowned for their proven durability which lasts for decades. KEIM Royalan is especially formulated for extreme coastal and tropical climates. KEIM Royalan is a one-component system, ready for painting and spraying. A range of more than 200 standard shades plus custom colours provides a wide variety of creative possibilities. PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS KEIM ROYALAN COMMON DISPERSION PAINTS Stability of pigments against UV-radiation for lightfastness Strong adhesion for longevity and weather-resistance Water vapour permeability sd < 0.1 m Exclusively inorganic pigments, absolutely lightfast colour shades Chemical bonding, non-film forming sd = 0.02 m Organic pigments, instable against UV-radiation Physical adhesion, film forming sd = 0.1 - 0.5 m

K E I M RO YA L A N ® – SILICA T E BASED P A I N T S FOR EXTREME CLIMA T I C CONDITIONS 7 ® KEIM ROYALAN -SYSTEM KEIM ROYALAN Silicate based paint, to be diluted with KEIM Royalan-Dilution according to specification. Application by brush, roller or airless sprayer. SUPPLEMENTARY PRODUCTS: KEIM ALGICID-PLUS Acid-free algae and fungi remover. Pretreatment. KEIM ROYALAN-GROB Highly filled, silicate base coat to close cracks up to 0.5 mm and for a coarse appearance, to be diluted with KEIM Royalan-Dilution. Application by brush or roller as priming coat, followed by one coat of KEIM Royalan. KEIM ROYALAN-DILUTION Silicate based dilution for KEIM Royalan products. May also be used as surface stabiliser in certain cases. KEIM ROYALAN-TINTING-CONCENTRATES Pure colour concentrates for tinting KEIM Royalan and KEIM Royalan-Grob. Can also be used as paint by brush or roller. KEIM LIME REMOVER (KEIM Ätzflüssigkeit) To remove sinter layers from new render and to clean old facades. Pretreatment. KEIM UNIVERSAL RENDER (KEIM Universalputz Standard and Fine) Lime-cement render, fibre-reinforced for localised repairs and/or full rendering. Substrate preparation. KEIM GLASS FIBRE REINFORCING MESH (KEIM Glasfaser-Gittermatte) Glass fibre mesh, 160 g/m², 4 x 4mm, to be embedded in KEIM Universal Render. Substrate preparation. „The KEIM Royalan mineral silicate based paint system is perfectly suited to withstand unusually harsh climatic conditions.“ WATER-REPELLENT IMPREGNATION AND PRIMER Product name Material base Properties Solvent-free Active agent content Water-repellent impregnation KEIM SILAN-100 Alkoxysilane x 100% x KEIM SILAN-C80 (pasty) KEIM SILAN-40-W KEIM SILAN PRIMER Alkylalkoxysilane and -siloxane, emulsion in water Alkylalkoxysilane and -siloxane, emulsion in water Alkylalkoxysilane/ silanes in ethanol x 80% x x 40% x approx. 20% x