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KEIM Silicate paints

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SUPERIOR PAINT SYSTEM FOR MORE THAN 135 YEARS. KEIM PAINTS as the inventor of silicate paints has been working on this technology continuously for more than 135 years. Already at the beginning of the 19th century there was a great interest in artfully painted facade decoration in the Italian style initiated by King Ludwig I of Bavaria. But, the harsh climate north of the Alps destroyed such frescos within a short time. A number of scientists experimented with various paint compositions until Adolf Wilhelm Keim finally succeeded in manufacturing for the first time stable paints which he introduced in 1878. From that time to today still exist numerous fantastic facade paintings which have barely lost their original splendour. THE MINERAL PRINCIPLE KEIM paints are completely mineral based. Their natural binding agent “waterglass” is a silicate that both penetrates and chemically reacts with the mineral substrate like a stone and forms an insoluble, durable bond. Contrary to common dispersion paints that adhere only superficially. KEIM – HAND CRAFTED MINERAL PAINT PRODUCTS The composition of paints made of mineral pigments requires fine craftsmanship. Specialists at KEIM take care of that. KEIM colour range comprises a large number of collections: Classic, natural and also intensive and vibrant shades. Each colour shade is individually produced for each individual customer project and for each special colour request.

k e i m silica t e p a i n t s – for f a c a d e s with l a s t i n g va l u e 7 BRILLIANCE THANKS TO THE BINDER „Waterglass” is transparent and brings the colour pigments into full play. KEIM paints are formulated with solely natural, mineral pigments. Facades painted with a KEIM paint have a very distinctive deep and special glowing look. Common dispersion Paints The Pigment is coated by the milky binder. light reflection is dull and flat. KEIM Silicate Paints The Pigment is embedded in transparent water glass, creating direct and brilliant light reflection that underlines the structure. Sunlight Sunlight Milky binder Pigment Transparent binder Pigment