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KEIM Soldalit

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KEIM Soldalit ® Mineral paint for every kind of a substrate Something that has been formerly inconceivable has become reality with KEIM already for a long time: A silicate facade paint with all of the benefits of a classic, silicate paint in combination with the range of application and easy handling of normal dispersion paints. So the most various advantages of silicate paints are now possible onto existing coatings with dispersion paints. Even mixed substrates are no problem for KEIM Soldalit. The unique, mineral binding agent provides an absolutely strong bond with almost any substrate. Sol-silicate principle KEIM Soldalit‘s universality is based on the solsilicate principle invented by KEIM. A special combination of silica sol and potassium silicate creates a binding agent that is not only very good for mineral substrates but also particularly suitable for dispersion bound existing coatings. Safe and easy It is very easy to apply KEIM Soldalit. Like any other ready-to-use paint, you apply it directly out of the bucket. KEIM Soldalit dries homogeneously and has a fantastic coverage. Recommended for organic existing coatings KEIM Soldalit stops the binder disintegration of organic existing coatings that is caused by UV-radiation and retains the structural and physical properties of the facade since the silicate binder is absolutely UV-stable. Repeated painting with synthetic paint material like e.g. dispersion paints impairs the breathability of a wall with each paint layer. But KEIM Soldalit retains the existing permeability.

k e i m sold a l i t ® – for universal use Extremely long lasting and thus especially economical 7 Good craftsmanship is shown by a long-term quality determined by solid technical performance and a highclass coating material. KEIM Soldalit is made exactly for that. Selected raw materials and a formula engineered with over 140 years of expertise and composed with technical diligence in the KEIM manufacture. Paints from the tradesmen for the practicing trade. Minerals last for generations The oldest buildings of mankind are made of stone. Because minerals are very stable and resistant against all kind of weather influences. This is why mineral paints from KEIM are so long lasting. No spalling, no flaking, no runners from water. Coatings with KEIM Soldalit remain for decades and age gracefully. So craftsman and builder can enjoy their piece of work for years. Strong bond with the substrate KEIM invented a sol-silicate binding agent that forms an insoluble bond with mineral and organic substrates and therefore, provides multi-purpose uses. Minerals are highly colour stable Moreover, KEIM uses only mineral pigments that are colourfast for decades. This means, no fading, no change in colour shade. Mineral coatings remain clean Minerals are anti-static. They don‘t get charged and thus attract dirt. If it is hot they do not become soft and tacky so that dirt particles would stick. So dust and dirt do not stick permanently. The mineral surface has a self-cleaning effect. Minerals are UV-resistant All synthetic binding agents such as dispersion or resins lose their elasticity over time. Responsible for this is the UV radiation of the sun. KEIM Soldalit‘s sol-silicate binder is not only absolutely UV stable but it also protects and stabilizes the paint layers underneath. The disintegration of the binder is stopped. „I am happy that it is so easy to refinish over an existing dispersion paint with a silicate paint from KEIM. It means the breathability of the facade is retained in combination with a durable coating.“ Walter Meyer, master painter