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KEIM Soldalit

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KEIM Silicate paints Ideal in terms of structural physics Common dispersion paints Common dispersion paints impair the drying process. Moisture in masonry cannot escape through a dense dispersion paint layer. The moisture will build up and lead to damages. Paint Wall Dry facades At first the idea seems to be plausible to seal a facade with a synthetic resin coating against moisture. However, in practice it does not work. Water will enter the facade wall especially under high wind loads and as soon as the paint has aged a little bit. The moisture then will only very slowly escape through the synthetic layer and someday the paint will start to flake off and water pockets occur. KEIM Soldalit ® KEIM SOLDALIT allows the moisture to escape. Paint Wall Moisture in masonry can escape unhindered. The wall remains dry and the paint is not affected. A good water vapour permeability is particularly important from the standpoint of buildings physics. KEIM mineral paints are highly vapour permeable because they are based on a silicate binding agent. This way moisture contained in the structure can be released fast and unimpeded to the outside. It avoids moisture accumulations between coating and substrate that would entail damages. So the facade is specially protected from frost and water damages. KEIM paints also dry faster and because of this have minimal dew moisture on the facade which reduces the main reasons for algae and fungi growth.

k e i m sold a l i t ® – for universal use 9 Clean facades KEIM silicate paints remain clean for a long time period. Contrary to synthetic paints they are not only less susceptible to condensation but there is also no electrostatic charging that would attract dirt particles like a magnet. Moreover, synthetics become soft when the weather is hot, i.e. they become „tacky“ providing ideal conditions for dirt particles to become stuck and collect in larger numbers on the surface. KEIM mineral paints don‘t have that problem. KEIM silicate paints are anti-static and non-thermoplastic. This is why they remain clean and beautiful for a long time. Avoid soiling Dispersions are made of synthetics and properly attract dirt particles from the atmosphere. KEIM Soldalit is mineral and does not provide any contact surface for dirt. The paint is charged electrostatically and dust is attracted. KEIM Soldalit does not charge. Synthetics become soft and tacky when it is warm. KEIM Soldalit does not become tacky. Water vapour condenses on the wall, the facade becomes wet and water runs down. KEIM Soldalit prevents the formation of condensation water.