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KEIM Sustainable colours

"We understand the

"We understand the protection of the environment as an opportunity: Our aim is to find comprehensive solutions that are in harmony with our environment. This is why every ecological aspect is an integral part of our product portfolio." ECOLOGICALLY SUSTAINABLE

k e i m – sust a i n a b l e col o u r s 9 KEIM. IN HARMONY WITH NATURE AND THE ENVIRONMENT. PERMANENTLY ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY Long-term and socially acceptable economic activity is impossible without intact natural resources. Sustainable development is therefore environmentally friendly in the long term. The primary goal of protecting the ecological dimension of sustainability is the conservation of resources. For environmentally friendly building, this means energy-efficient planning, but also the conscious selection of durable, pollutantfree materials that can be disposed of appropriately. EXCELLENT ECOLOGICAL PROFILE KEIM mineral paints demonstrate their positive properties in full here. You can rely on an excellent ecological profile over the entire product life cycle: from resource-saving production and decades of use of the paints to easy renovation and finally disposal of the old paint. Detailed environmental specification for KEIM facade paints and interior paints can be found in the Environmental Product Declarations that our company has had since 2013. Anyone with an interest in this can use the EPDs to obtain an overview of the life cycle assessment characteristics and environmental effects of our products. Thanks to their extremely long service life and the associated lower renovation frequency, KEIM paints are making a contribution to the protection of our natural resources.