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KEIM The craft of producing paint

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k e i m. the craft of producing p a i n t. 11 CONSISTENTLY MINERAL When you build or renovate a house, you think and count in decades. This applies to both – the facade, with its important role as aesthetic weather shell when it comes to value preservation – and also to the interior. Mineral paints have been the benchmark for generations and still haven‘t lost any of their relevance. They owe their unrivalled durability to the unique adhesion principle of silification, a process that forms a permanent bond between paint and mineral substrate render. This guarantees maximum weather resistance and value preservation, ruling out any risk of flaking paint. Of course mineral paints are not completely immune to ageing, but this takes the positive form of a patina that simply serves to underline the character of a building. THE PRINCIPLE OF SILIFICATION CONVINCING ADVANTAGES – durable: maximum weather resistance – aesthetic: perfect look – vapour permeable: balanced moisture content – safe: non-flammable – purely mineral: natural raw materials – clean: low soiling tendency – economical: long renovation intervals – ecological: healthy to live in and sustainable GENUINE CRAFTMANSHIP The beauty of KEIM paints comes from within and is directed outward. We craftsmen in paint attach great importance to cultivating and advancing the development of our fascinating range of KEIM mineral paints in full awareness of our rich traditions. Today, our mineral paints and glazes are still made by hand on the basis of powder pigments as KEIM pallet shades and customised special mixed shades. We monitor your projects individually for each specific order through to completion. Our consultants provide on-site support, for example by checking substrates or with colour consulting and sampling directly at the building. Just ask us, it will be our pleasure! The ingenious principle of silification: KEIM mineral paints don‘t form a layer on the surface: they create a permanent bond with the substrate.