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KEIM The craft of producing paint

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CLEAN Silicate

CLEAN Silicate paints by KEIM stay clean in the long term. The combination of inorganic pigments and mineral binding agents results in coating solutions that pair durability with long-term cleanness. Compared to paints with conventional organic binding agents (e.g. emulsion or silicone resin paints), silicate coatings are antistatic and non-thermoplastic. This makes it hard for dirt particles to adhere to the surface, for facades that stay clean and beautiful for a long time! PURELY MINERAL What counts are the „inner values“ of a paint, in other words, the composition of binding agent, pigments, fillers and additives. KEIM paints have a completely mineral basis. Potassium silicate as the natural binding agent is a silicate that forms a chemical bond with mineral substrates such as stone, render and concrete. The result is an extremely durable bond which is far more resistant than the purely superficial adhesion of usual emulsion paints. Mineral pigments are obtained from minerals, they are extremely colour-stable and don‘t fade. As a rule, fillers consist of rock flour to give the paint the layer thickness that is necessary to protect the facade from weathering.

k e i m. the craft of producing p a i n t. 17 SAFE Not even the flame of a welding torch makes KEIM silicate paints ignite. In the case of a fire, this means maximum safety and no toxic fumes, as confirmed by fire tests in Germany and the United Kingdom. Just one reason why only silicate paints are used in many public areas such as underground stations and tunnels, schools or cinemas: nothing can replace health and safety. MaIntEnancE cOStS FOr FacadE cOatInG FOr a 60-yEar rEndEr SErVIcE lIFE 150% ECONOMICAL Cheap things can often end up costing lots of money ... Particularly in the building sector, the bottom line often shows quality to be the better, less expensive solution. Mineral paints by KEIM offer longterm savings because they generate only minimum maintenance costs with both functionality and appearance being preserved for a long time. 100% cost savings when using KEIM silicate paint 50% Renovation coating Renovation coating Renovation coating keiM silicate paint Ø service life per coating: 20 years Renovation coating Renovation coating Renovation coating Renovation coating Renovation coating emulsion paint Ø service life per coating: 12 years