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KEIM The craft of producing paint

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k e i m. the craft of producing p a i n t. 25 EXTERIOR PAINTS KEIM exterior paints fulfil the very strictest standards. – Unrivalled durability – Highest vapour permeability – Ideal moisture balance – Clean facades in the long-term – Colour-constant, lightfast and UV-resistant – Mineral-matt surface – Many varied design possibilities – Economical – Ecologically sound PURE SILICATE PAINTS One- and two-component pure silicate paints that last for decades SILICATE EMULSION PAINTS For all mineral substrates SOL-SILICATE PAINTS For organic, mineral and mixed substrates SPECIAL COATINGS For asbestos and fibre cement panels INTERIOR PAINTS KEIM interior paints with first-class attributes making them biologically sound. – High diffusion rating – Zero emissions, no solvents, no plasticizers – No preservatives – Suitable for people suffering from allergies – Without active fogging substances – Non-flammable – Mould repellent – Independent expert reports SILICATE PAINTS WET ABRASION CLASS 1 Premium class products SILICATE PAINTS WET ABRASION CLASS 2 For particularly sensitive areas SILICATE PAINTS WET ABRASION CLASS 3 For a broad range of applications LES COULEURS LE CORBUSIER Le Corbusier‘s colour collection, implemented in top quality colour recipes MOULD PROTECTION For preventing mould CONCRETE SYSTEMS KEIM concrete systems provide effective protection and preserve the concrete look. – Adapted surface protection systems (water and CO2 protection) – Proven renovation materials – Economical and durable – Unique design possibilities – Environmentally friendly – Mineral-matt surface look – With all necessary approvals CONCRETE COATINGS Mineral solutions with concrete look for renovation, protection and design MORTARS & FILLERS Mortars and fillers for renovation IMPREGNATION SYSTEMS For hydrophobic treatment of mineral construction materials, particularly concrete The products featured on pages 25 to 27 are not always available to international customers. Our national branches will be glad to help with any queries.