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KEIM The craft of producing paint

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WOOD SYSTEMS Successful transfer of the proven silicate-paint model to wood. Confirmed by being granted the European patent for system and products – Outstanding moisture protection – UV-resistant and absolutely lightfast – Extremely weatherproof – Unmatched durability – Velvety matt surface look – Easy to renovate – Tested as per DIN EN 927 – External supervision by WKI Braunschweig (Fraunhofer Institute for Wood Research) EXTERIOR WOOD PAINT Opaque silicate coating for exterior wood components GREYING GLAZE FOR WOOD Silicate greying glaze for exterior wood components INTERIOR WOOD GLAZE Wood coating for semi-transparent to opaque designs for interior elements ETIC SYSTEMS KEIM ETIC systems save energy, protect the existing building fabric, create a cosy, healthy living climate and enhance the value of the property. – Systems with mineral wool, polystyrene and mineral insulation panels – Perimeter and plinth insulation panels – Mineral renders and coatings with extremely long service lives for clean, colour-stable facades – Optimized moisture balance for non-toxic algae prevention – Approvals from the building authorities for maximum safety – Pioneering research and development projects FACADE INSULATION Insulation systems with coordinated renders and coatings; clean, durable and effective INTERIOR INSULATION Mould protection, functional interior insulation and indoor climate system for comfortable living. SURFACE DESIGN Top quality precious-looking renders and coatings for implementing creative design ideas ACCESSORIES, PROFILES & SYSTEM SUPPLEMENTS RENDERS & FILLERS Precious looking structures and surfaces with mineral renders and fillers for every conceivable use. – Environmentally friendly – Economical – Vapour permeable – Weatherproof TOP RENDERS Silicate and mineral renders for interiors and exteriors BASE RENDERS For light-brick and heavy wall designs ADHESIVE AND RENOVATION RENDERS For mineral or organic mixed substrates, flaking surfaces, differences in structure and cracks RENOVATION & MOISTURE REGULATION For moisture regulation and for brickwork damaged by salt. FILLERS For mechanical or manual application

k e i m. the craft of producing p a i n t. 27 LIME SYSTEMS Lime is experiencing a renaissance in the modern building context and for authentic monument renovation. – Environmentally friendly – Economical – High diffusion rating – Durable – Non-flammable – Ecologically sound LIME PAINTS Paints with a lime binding agent for the design of an interior living space or facade RENDERS & FILLERS Healthy-living lime renders give walls a natural elegance. Suitable for both exterior and interior use. NATURAL STONE SYSTEMS KEIM natural stone systems act as stone substitutes, stone consolidation, hydrophobic impregnation or protective coating. – Specific system components for adapted renovation – Effective protection from acids and moisture – Wide range of applications – Many varied design possibilities NATURAL STONE-GLAZE For glazed colouring or matching repaired spots RESTORE-MORTAR As natural stone substitute, joint renewal and pouring material for moulds CREATIVE DESIGN KEIM artist and decor paints, glazes, silicate chalks and products for working creatively with stucco filler techniques. – Absolutely lightfast and UV-resistant – Brilliant colours – Vapour permeable – Weatherproof ARTIST PAINTS Expressive paint colours DECOR PAINTS Individual designs and mineral radiance thanks to fine paint-powder GLAZES Decorative glazes and refined finishing of conventional top coats