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KEIM The craft of producing paint

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k e i m. the craft of producing p a i n t. 29 „KEIM‘s success story begins with the production. It assures quality, efficiency and genuine sustainability.“ REGIONAL ACTION WITH A GLOBAL APPROACH. KEIM‘s mineral paints prove their worth in every climate zone in the world. But they are produced and developed in Germany, at company headquarters in Diedorf and at the production plant in Luckau. There are good reasons for this: Germany is where the company has its roots, where tradition blends with innovation. Germany is also where we find those qualified, motivated skilled workers whose know-how makes a vital contribution to turning a medium-sized company such as KEIM into the world market leader for silicate paints. This concentration of expertise has a valuable synergetic effect that generates more quality. Another advantage: the short delivery chains for raw materials improve the company‘s carbon footprint while enhancing the sustainability of our products. RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT We work constantly at improving the products and at furthering the development of silicate building protection. All relevant developments and innovations in this segment come from the KEIM development laboratories. It is quite natural for our development engineers to cooperate closely with renowned specialist institutes and research laboratories in the field of paint technology – and also for them to regularly take part in numerous German and international research projects. This is how we constantly assure and expand our unique know-how lead.