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KEIM The craft of producing paint

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SUSTAINABILITY AND RESPONSIBILITY Adolf Wilhelm Keim felt an obligation to sustainability long before it had become a catchword. Up until today this premise shapes the way we think and do business way beyond the innovative use of natural raw materials, by creating regional jobs, showing due appreciation for our employees and being careful in the way we handle our limited resources. We see ourselves as pioneers in mineral building protection systems, with expertise, experience and passion. Our range of products and services meanwhile extends far beyond the pure and simple coating product: mineral renders and fillers, wood systems, products for concrete renovation and repair, thermal insulation systems for interior and exterior use and also natural stone systems round off the product portfolio. „We want to live, work, struggle, fight and take care of our fellow human beings, working for the generations to come, to make things better on earth.“ A.W. Keim We have remained consistently true to this vision of our company founder for 140 years. From company headquarters in Diedorf near Augsburg and the production site in Luckau/Brandenburg, we send our products out into all the world. With great success! FOR 140 YEARS, KEIM HAS BEEN WORKING AT ADVANCING THE MINERAL ADDED VALUE: The second generation KEIM Granital ® The second generation of silicate paints followed in 1962 with KEIM Granital ® . The one-component, ready-to-use „silicate emulsion paint“ is easier to handle and safer to use ... The fourth generation KEIM Lignosil ® Following many years of development work and corresponding practical tests, 2013 saw the launch of KEIM Lignosil ® , the world‘s first mineral composite coating for protecting wood from the effects of the weather. 1878 1962 2002 2013 The first generation KEIM Purkristalat ® In 1878, A.W. Keim developed the first silicate paint fit for practical usage. It consists of a powder component with mineral colour pigments and fillers, together with a liquid component: potassium silicate as the binding agent. The third generation KEIM Soldalit ® In 2002, the development of „sol-silicate paint“ revolutionised the facade market. Based on a completely novel binding principle, it opens the doors for application on practically all usual substrates.