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KEIM Veramin

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K E I M VERAMIN ® – EVER Y HOME DESER V E S A SILICA T E P A I N T 5 KEIM VERAMIN ® – MINERAL QUALITY FOR ALL PROTECTION AND DESIGN = VALUE FOR MONEY FOR YOUR FAMILY AND YOUR HOME KEIM Veramin ® is the perfect painting material for every building! Decisive are the „inner values“ which are the optimal composition of binding agent, pigments, fillers and additives. KEIM‘s silicate technology is based on the principle of „silicification“. With application and while curing the liquid binder potassium water glass forms a chemical, insoluble bond with the substrate. This is why facade coatings with KEIM Veramin ® are so durable and long-lasting. KEIM Veramin ® is ecological and does not need any solvents or plasticisers. Economical benefits: Easy application and clearly longer renovation intervals thanks to the outstanding longevity. This really saves money! • Highly water-repellent w < 0,1 kg/m²h 0,5 • Extremely permeable s d < 0,14 m • Long-lasting • Hinders algae and fungi in a natural way • Free from pollutants • UV stable KEIM VERAMIN ® – FOR LONG-LASTING SILICATE BONDS More than just a coating … KEIM Veramin ® is long-lasting, colour-stable, ecological and economical. In a nutshell: The ideal coating for every facade! Silicification principle: KEIM Veramin ® forms an insoluble bond with the substrate.